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  • Lessons consist of 4 sessions after an open house.

  • Times and days may vary with different crews and boat availability.

  • Your first lesson will cover boat safety and equipment usage.

  • We have several rowing egronmeters to help you learn part of the rowing technique.

  • Each lesson will prepare you to row with others in a four or eight person rowing shell.

  • Waiver required for all lesson participants.

  • Adult, and Youth/College: $75. After the lessons for $25 you can become a member of the Waterloo Rowing Club for the rest of the season.

Lessons / Learn to row.


We are having a Learn to Row Day in conjunction with My Waterloo Days and National Learn to Row Month

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at 5:30 pm.  

Wear your workout clothes and bring a water bottle.

Joining the club

Joining our club is easy.

Just sign up. 


Yearly Dues:

  • Individual: $150

  • Family (rowing): $250 

  • Youth/full-time college student: $100

  • Club (non-rowing): $50  suggested minimum

  • Guest for one day:  first lesson free, but requires signature on waiver.

    Partial season (rowing): 

  • Special Events/Regatta: $15

  • Head Race season only: $50



  • Adult, and Youth/College: $75   that includes 4 lessons.

  • After you lessons with an additional fee of $25 you can become a full member of the Waterloo Rowing Club for the rest of the year.












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