Waterloo Rowing Club

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  • Lessons consist of 4 sessions after an open house.

  • Times and days may vary with different crews and boat availability.

  • Your first lesson will cover boat safety and equipment usage.

  • We have several rowing egronmeters to help you learn part of the rowing technique.

  • Each lesson will prepare you to row with others in a four or eight person rowing shell.

  • Waiver required for all lesson participants.

  • Adult, and Youth/College: $75. After the lessons for $25 you can become a member of the Waterloo Rowing Club for the rest of the season.

Lessons / Learn to row.


We are having a Learn to Row Day in conjunction with the National Learn to Row Day.

Saturday, June 5, 2021 between 10 - 2 pm to our Open House. You will be able to see the new rack system that we were able to acquire with the grant from the BHGC. 

Wear your workout clothes and bring a water bottle.

Boathouse 2018 Summer evening
Joining the club

Joining our club is easy.

Just sign up. 


Yearly Dues:

  • Individual: $150

  • Family (rowing): $250 

  • Youth/full-time college student: $100

  • Club (non-rowing): $50  suggested minimum

  • Guest for one day:  first lesson free, but requires signature on waiver.

    Partial season (rowing): 

  • Special Events/Regatta: $15

  • Head Race season only: $50



  • Adult, and Youth/College: $75   that includes 4 lessons.

  • After you lessons with an additional fee of $25 you can become a full member of the Waterloo Rowing Club for the rest of the year.